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Some fighters actually reading minds?

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Posted September 28 2018 - 05:44 PM

Can some fighters read minds? looking back at the chapters I noticed some fighters seem to being able to do so, here for instance:




Sakaki was able to read Akisame's emotion, through his ki. Also here:



Rimi was able to read Ogata's intentions through his ki and know exactly where he would throw those rocks at her. I used to think mind reading was the highest form of Sei, but it's actually just ki sensing, using ki sensors. Dou types can mind read too. I assume the better your ki sensing ability, the better your mind reading ability, just like Lugh. 

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Delirium Trigger

Posted September 28 2018 - 08:36 PM

You have:

Ryusei Seikuken: reading the feelings of others along with their movements.

Seigfried: His ability to read the "melody" of others which is basically mind reading.

Tirawit Kōkin: Analysis game too strong.

Kajima Satomi: His reading of the mind through the heart technique.

Natsu Tanimoto: He's able to have an esper like conversation with Kenichi and was able to resist the "reading the mind through the heart" technique by Kajima Satomi.

Lugh: Able to learn about the history Takeda's damaged left arm.

And when the master's of Ryōzanpaku predict kenichi's thoughts. So yeah. Other stuff too.


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