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The main reason Sho Kano was so dominant...

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Posted March 05 2018 - 06:30 PM

it was Sho's speed. If you remember his fights against Shinpaku, he blitz'd them all, and even though Takeda could block some strikes, he could  not see them. Initially, against Kenichi he did the same thing. Although once Kenichi was able to keep up with his, speed the battle became much more even. Fighters like Renka should be able to handle his speed, due to wealth of experience. Other Yomi should be able to fight him as long as they can see and react to him.

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Posted March 23 2018 - 06:31 AM

Kano so dominated the battle not only because of his speed but also because he had a very high skill and experience he could easily change the style depending on the situation remember his fight against Jihan or how Kano destroyed the Rusui Seikeken  first level using the Gamaku technique (this is one of the most secret and powerful techniques of the elder) no one except the Kano could break the Rusui Seikuken first level except the Kano, Takeda could block Kano's blow but then Kano easily outclassed him for the difference in his skill


Posted March 23 2018 - 08:25 PM

Takeda wasn't yomi level than IMO. At least he didn't show himself to be yomi level and I don't think he had a master than. Sho has a lot of techniques, so he can handle many different situations, like Jihan or Kenichi's Ryuusei Seikuken. I still don't think he's above yomi level as far as skill, he just strong for a Yomi, IMHO. He hasn't shown skill above Koukin, Kajima, Berserker and Lugh.  

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