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If you had the ability to change something in HSDK, what would you change?

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Posted November 21 2017 - 01:53 PM



Posted November 21 2017 - 05:34 PM

1. Delete Senzui's character or make it so Saiga is actually the One Shadow, no weird costume skin for either of those two.

2. Make Saiga take out Jenezad. (Not quite sure if I want this one.) It seems like the author was proving a point with this fight, that strength doesn't equal power like Akisame says a lot.

Delirium Trigger

Posted November 22 2017 - 07:59 AM

Either tone down female clothing damage or at least have the males suffer a bit. I know it's an ecchi manga, but it didn't feel like that at first.

Less disrespect towards weapon users.

Tie up loose ends.


Posted November 27 2017 - 03:17 PM

1. Kenichi vs Hermit (rematch)

2. Kenichi vs Berserker (a conclusive fight)

3. Miu vs Renka

4. Renka vs Rachel (with a definitive ending)

5. Shigure vs Mikumo (with a definitive ending)

6. Show Renka's mom

7. Show the Phoenix Alliance

8. Confirm if Sakaki is Kenichi's uncle (the author seemed to hint that Kenichi's mom was Sakaki's older sister)

9. Show the Shinpaku Alliance becoming Master Class

10. Kenichi vs Elder


Posted November 28 2017 - 07:12 AM

Sakaki's sister isn't Kenichi's mother and the author never hinted at it as far as I remember. Sakaki's sister is currently working as an office employee according to the guidebook.


  • I want a China arc.
  • Said China arc includes appearances of Kensei's wife and sons
  • Akisame vs. Ogata, because Ogata can't get away like that
  • Saiga vs. Mikumo
  • Regarding the clothing damage I fully agree with Delirium Trigger
  • Seeing all the disciples of Shinpaku and Yomi grown up would be great.
  • No more abduction arcs please.
  • Kenichi should learn to let Miu handle her own fights against male fighters.
  • Miu needs new hobbies that aren't cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.
  • Introduce Natsu to Honoka's parents.
  • Does Hongou become a royal consort or will he end up living alone in his mansion together with 10 cats?
  • Show how Ryouzanpaku and especially the Elder deal with Saiga being an ex crime boss and murderer.
  • Remove Danzaiba weapon masters from the plot if they are only cannon fodder that doesn't live up to its status. Keep Seitarou and Shigure's brother.
  • Thinking about it, removing Ouganosuke from the plot might not be that bad if the Elder has to fight his son to save the world.
  • Show Niijima's home and family.

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Delirium Trigger

Posted December 01 2017 - 11:30 AM

I agree with everything but the part with Natsu and Hongō.


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