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The Secret of Sei Dou Goui...

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Posted October 28 2017 - 06:06 PM

What is the secret of Sei Dou Goui? Well first let's talk about Ogata's training method, specialization training. Specialization training develops the disciple's talents and strong points. Ryuto's greatest talent is his inner eye, so it's safe to assume, if he went through specialization training it was to develop his inner eye. So how did Ogata develop Ryuto's inner eye? Matsuena hinted at how in the pic below, through symbolism:

historys-strongest-disciple-kenichi-554289 (1).jpg

The important part is what's said about the Norse God Odin: "He sacrificed one of his eyes at Mimir's spring of knowledge where he gained the power to foresee." What happened to Ryuto after he used Sei Dou Goui? His sclera turned black and his pupil turned purple. See what I'm getting at?

I could be wrong about Ogata intending for that to happen, as it could be an accidental effect, but who knows I could be right.

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Posted October 03 2018 - 05:30 PM

At first I thought Sei Dou Goui didn't make any sense. How can one being angry and calm at the same time? I thought about it and maybe a Sei Dou Goui user doesn't have to be angry and calm at the same time. It's probably that, the Sei ki suppresses the anger or Dou ki until, the martial artist can't take it anymore, and explodes with  rage. One isn't calm at all, but agitated when using Sei Dou Goui. The user of Sei Dou Goui experiences extreme stress due to suppressing their anger, which explains why Ryuto hair turned white after using it for a prolong period. 


So what side-effect did Sei Dou Goui have on Ryuto? First lets talk about Rittoku no Kan and it higher level counterparts Kokuu no Kan and Shoujou no Kan. According to that guy from reddit one can gain Rittoku no Kan after having near-death experiences. In real life something similar can happen, due to a phenomenon called TachypsychiaIt's a neurological condition that alters ones perception of time, that can be induced by a few different unique circumstances. One such circumstances is extreme stress and Ryuto experienced extreme stress during after using Sei Dou Goui against Kenichi.


It's my theory that Ryuto gained Rittoku no Kan or the upgrade next in line Kokuu no Kan after using Sei Dou Goui vs Kenichi.  

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