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How do you feel towards the way martial arts were depicted in the series?

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Posted November 08 2016 - 07:53 AM

One of the things that I found extremely fascinating about HSDK is that the martial arts styles are portrayed relatively realistically. Many of the techniques are either written on real bases and just enhanced to the nth degree for the sake of fun.

I think the series did a good job in not making anyone seem "magical" like some others have done. Tenjou Tenge is a pretty massive offender, I think.

However, I do think that the writer got more creative with some disciplines over others. Karate, Jujitsu, and Weapons to be specific, to the exclusion of some others.


Posted November 08 2016 - 02:54 PM

I love the way martial arts is in HSDK, especially how it deals with weaknesses of certain martial arts, like Akira's karate. It was unexpected that Akira could deal with Jenezad's grapples, because of the nature of his karate. Yet Akira found a unique, and intelligent way to deal with it, by causing his muscles to explode outward at once he shake off Jenezad and put bones back in the sockets all once. When Sakaki fought Cyril Rahman, he found a unique counter to marma pressure point attacks, he hardened his muscles so much he couldn't hit the pressure points. 


In HSDK martial arts have weaknesses and unique ways around those weaknesses, I think that's part of what makes the fights interesting. You never really no how exactly the fight will turn out and that's a good thing.    


Posted November 09 2016 - 06:21 PM

I found the martial arts to be handled very well.

In the beginning, it was far more realistic, but as Kenichi grew stronger & better (as did everyone else), it became more shounen-esque/more like wuxia.


Posted November 10 2016 - 05:43 PM

I also love the way martial arts is handled, and actually find the wuxia aspect just fine... for a while. It was great when it was consistent, because it's fun to imagine how martial arts would be like if you push your physical strength to superhero grade. But near the end when the author was rushed and begin to create scenes that seem to violate physics (without making it clear that the scenes were gag scenes), I begin to take issues.


Like the "Saiga and Senzui lifting a gigantic boulder with 1, 2 fingers" scene, that is totally immersion breaking, because even if they were strong enough to do that, the rock is not dense enough to do this without their finger simply punch through the rock...


Also if they were indeed strong enough to do that, their power would completely break the scale of the manga, and make everyone else including people like Hayato, Oganosuke, and Jenazad look weak. In fact the real power that they showed in their final fight is nowhere near that.


The "Elder using 0.00002%" scene was obviously a joke so we can ignore that, because we have seen the Elder fight in crisis situations and he was not a Super Saiyan 3, but that rock finger lifting scene was made out to be a serious scene...


But mismanagement of scale and physical consistency is a widespread problem in fantasy fiction. I really wonder why authors don't pay more attention on this, especially if they got into writing due to loving to read. When I write the "Jenazad vs. Hayato" fanfic, I checked and rechecked multiple times, and play out each scenes in my head, to make sure that the power, speed, and logic displayed actually make sense, because I'm aware how much inconsistencies hamper my own enjoyment.

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Posted November 12 2016 - 01:49 PM

Holding a giant rock above one's head is hardly a big deal for masters of their level. Sakaki once smashed a boulder that was five times Kenichis size with a rather casual punch. Though I do agree that sometimes the physics of certain things are a little wonky.

I'm just glad it never got like Street Fighter.


Posted November 13 2016 - 08:19 PM

Oh it's not the holding the boulder that is the problem for me. It's the fact that the scene emphasizes that Saiga balance it on one finger. This would violate physics because the rock would literally split under its own weight on top of the finger. No amount of strength would ever allow a character to perform that feat without some sort of telekinesis to negate gravity.


I mean people like Freeza, or even Vegeta and Goku eventually, can pull off ki-based telekinesis, but no one in HSDK should be able to. Even Superman who is much much stronger than even most DBZ characters would still not able to pull off that feat.


But I understand that the manga was rushed and these scenes were there to rapidly hype Saiga and Senzui, it may not make sense and so I try to ignore it as best as I could ;)


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