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Kimi wa 008 (You are 008)

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Posted February 02 2018 - 02:02 AM

Syun Matsuena's newest work is called Kimi wa 008 and it's going to start on February 21, 2018 in Weekly Shonen Sunday issue 13/2018. It's going to be a spy action series.


The main character, Eito Akashi (Japanese: 明石エイト, Akashi Eito), who has failed his high school entrance exams receives an admission from a high school he doesn't remember taking a test for. This is the beginning of him being tossed into an unknown world.


His given name is a pun on the number eight. If you write Akashi with a different kanji (証) it means license. So he's license 8. The 008 part in the maga's title is read as Double O Eight. I wonder if he's got a license to kill as well, and whether he works for her majesty, the Japanese government or some secret spy organization.

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Posted February 02 2018 - 07:52 AM

thank, good to know he's back again


Posted February 07 2018 - 02:05 AM

Since Shônen Sunday 11/2018 is officially out as of today Websunday put up a notice about the three new series.


One twitter user pointed out something interesting. The synopsis in Shônen Sunday and on Websunday are exactly the same except for one detail.

The magazine states that the main character's name is Eito (エイト), while the website claims that it's 直人.
直人 can be read in several ways, the most common reading is Naoto. However, none of the readings I have found for this name is Eito.

So far there have been a few theories about this discrepancy.

  1. It's just a mistake that will be fixed later
  2. MC-kun got a last minute name change and they could not correct his name in the magazine, because it had already been printed and shipped out.
  3. There is a story related reason and both names are correct (e.g. one is his real name and the other his alias).

We'll know what's up in two weeks when chapter 1 is published.


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Posted February 09 2018 - 07:08 AM

Sunday 12/2018 spoilers are out: The first chapter of Kimi wa 008 is going to have 63(!) pages. For comparison, Tokiwa's prologues Kanata, Haruka and DEM III ranged from 43 to 47 pages.

Delirium Trigger

Posted February 09 2018 - 10:33 PM

Wow. That's cool.


Posted February 13 2018 - 10:18 AM

We've got a logo now and it seems that "You Are Double-O Eight" is the official English title.
MC's name is back to Eito in Websunday's preview for next week's issue. I guess Naoto was just as mistake, but they still haven't fixed it.
If we are lucky there will be spoilers as early as Friday or Saturday.

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Posted February 13 2018 - 11:50 PM

Russian funs wait too


Posted February 14 2018 - 03:59 AM

Russian funs wait too

Russian fаns wait too


Posted February 19 2018 - 11:56 PM

do not thank, colors pages and cover


Posted February 20 2018 - 11:05 AM

Yay, it's out.
Here are Sunday's new official website, an article on Mainichi Shinbun's website and another one at Mantan Web.


The whole chapter should get uploaded to Sunday's website in a week.


I'll try to write a short summary of chapter 1.


Akashi Eito has failed every single high school entrance exam he took. His mother, Misaki Akashi is not happy. His older sister Natsuki Akashi is surprised, because his grades in middle school weren't that bad. His little brother Kenta thinks that Eito is amazing no matter what he does. (His father has passed away)
When Natsuki tells him to look for work Eito hides in his room. A while later Kenta shows up with a letter. Eito got accepted into a school after all and is overjoyed.

First school day:
Eito does not remember taking an entrance exam for this particular school, but his family is happy and he imagines his high school life to be great. He comes across a pretty girl who wears his new school's uniform, but something about her is strange. She wears a hat, a cape and carries an owl on her shoulder.

Suddenly two sleazy guys show up an hit on the girl. Eito tries to save her, but he's too weak. The girl pulls a sword and almost slices those guys to pieces. But before she can finish them off Eito pulls her away and they rush to their school.
When they arrive Eito realized that his school has no regular entrance. It turns out that they entrance was hidden behind a vending machine. During their elevator ride the girl introduces herself as Ayame Kido. She tells Eito that Nakano National High School is a school for special agents.

The new students have to overcome various traps before they can enter the school building. Everyone else tries to carefully avoid all traps, but desperate Eito brute forces through them, after he remembered how his father saved him when he was a child. He cannot disappoint his family and drop out of school.


Eito and Ayame make it just in time for the entrance ceremony. One of the teachers explains that they are going to be trained as special agents who fight evil organizations.And by the way, any student who quits, gets expelled, or who tells an outsider about their school will be terminated.

Eito is 1000% sure that his admission to this school was a horrible mistake and wants to get out of there asap. When he is called into the principals office he sees it as his chance to resolve this misunderstanding.
Principal Araragi personally welcomes Eito to his school. He admits that he manipulated Eito's text results to make him come to this school.
Eito is furious and attacs the principal, but stands no chance against him. Once he has stopped EIto, Araragi explains that he promised Eito's father to make Eito an agent. Eito's father was his colleague and an elite agent.

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