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HSDK Battle 582 Released

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi Battle 582 has been released by MangaPanda. The battle with Yami concludes! Battle 582 is titled, "Piercing Through..."


It can't end D: NOT LIKE THIS! Kenichi looked SOOOOO badass this entire arc. Takeda and friends are close to becoming masters according to the master that got his ass whipped. I WANT TO KNOW WHO THE GUY THE ELDER WAS FIGHTING WAS AND WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE. I want to see future versions of the Shinpaku alliance. I want to see how awesome Kenichi and Takeda will be as masters D: D: D: D: It can't end like this :( :( :( :( :(

Chapter 583 is out and they didn't say anything about a new series just maybe hinted it. Why can't they just tell us if there will be history's strongest master kenichi?

Eh, I'll stick around here for a while.  Maybe the author just needs...a break?  Although usually that means a hiatus...and not...the end.


I think it's over Komoru.  Just have to keep your hopes down.